I love nonprofits. The good work they do inspires and drives our creative services.
Bucko was created as a collaborative studio in 1993 by Ellen Buckmaster. As a history graduate turned fundraiser, turned writer, turned designer and art director, Ellen brings to her work a broad communication perspective and a whole lot of first-hand experience in the fundraising world.
Her twenty-five year immersion in major fundraising campaign concepts, messages, and design has made Ellen a major influencer in nonprofit advancement. She has written and designed innumerable case statements, annual fund materials and other fundraising pieces for local and national nonprofits. Ellen finds connection. She works closely with her clients to formulate messages that feel authentic and personal to them. She then transforms those words into materials that make a difference.

Our Services:
Creative Consulting • Idea Generation • Campaign Naming and Themes • Messaging • Narrative • Visual Identity and Design.